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Oct 6, 2012 11:00pm PDT
million people to the city by the bay. the play-off game will be here. the a's first play-off game in six years. >> in the case of both teams, the issue was pitching. not the bay area teams, but the opposing pitchers. and boy, the giants, all that buildup, seemably all the planets aligned. play-off opener. first of all, look at this, flashing a little leather here. but first, the long ball. away and gone. matt cain, roughed up. but brandon phillips, buster posey. the giants made it a 3-1 game. they were down 5-2. two on. and posey, well, you might say they stole this one. a final of 5-3. game 2 coming up tomorrow. >>> as for the a's, they were in detroit. coco crisp, first leadoff. a's led 1-0, had the big momentum until justin verlander said, ah, just sit down. how about eleven strikeouts? a's batters struck out 14 times, although with a 3-1, they could have tied it off right here. brandon moss... it's cut in the deepest part of the park. a's lose that game. final of 3-1. game 2 will be at 9 a.m. >>> come on back a little bit later on and we'll have expanded highlights, and from the l
Oct 7, 2012 11:00pm PDT
lee on why educators are split on the mission. >> reporter: it is crazy hair day here in redwood city. this classroom a glimpse of the future of public education. it is not green hair that will make the difference. kids here share ipads to learn math and other subjects. once considered a luxury will become a nessesty to -- necessity. >> we are not a rich school but we were able to get access for some students. >> reporter: schools with a high are ratio will be able to offer students more opportunity to take achievement tests. the bottom line, wealthier schools will get to pick their highest scores or those that are challenged will only get one chance to take the test. >> it is giving us the tools and techniques that our children will be able to compete globally. >> reporter: gone are the days where kids bubble in answers. teachers will encourage them to back up their responses with arguments as to how they came to a conclusion. students will not only have to learn theory but be asked to apply their knowledge to real world examples. some worry a one size fits all approach with guidelin
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2